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Matthew Anderson — designer / director in Portland, Oregon.

My work includes brand identities, digital-physical experiences and print campaigns, for clients large and small. With it I celebrate typography and champion the power of simplicity. The inertia of my practice is always in motion towards dynamic, aesthetically astute design, with an approach that respects both those it touches and serves.

Currently — Director,
Enjoy the Weather.


Graphic design has the 

distinguished ability 

to inform, engage and 

uplift those who interact 

with it. I take that as 

a responsibility — 

always taking joy in 

what I do.

Design with integrity.

CLIENTS      Ace Hotel
             Gerson Lehrman Group
             Live Nation
             Lutz & Schmitt
             Solomon Fine Art
             System Architects
             Victoria’s Secret PINK

WITH         Huge
             Modern Dog Design Co.
             Project Projects


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