︎         The song remains, but not the same. Purpose. Revolution. (Factory Records1.) ︎         Along the axis of vulnerability2. Cross pollination. Transcendental aspiration. (Human connection3.) ︎         Style does not preclude substance. Brand. Screen. Interface. (Wim Crouwel4.) ︎         Language is meaningless sans fonts. Fonts alone are ineffective. (Graffiti.org5.) ︎         Curiosity. To experiment is to play, to live. Serendipity, perhaps. (Ghostly International6.)


Ampersanderson is the creative moniker and studio practice of Matthew Anderson. Specializing in visual design and brand identities, his professional capabilities span product and user interface design, typeface design, design for print, and more.

Matthew is Creative Director at Enjoy the Weather, an independent creative and technology studio in Portland, Oregon. Their clients include Nike, Sonos, TEDxPortland and more.

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This website is not intended to be a body of work. It is meant to be, ostensibly, a living body; connected, growing, broken at times. It will add weight with age, perhaps learn from its mistakes, and most certainly change its mind. Fundamentally, the site is an experiment. Its content will be a mixture of work and play, old and new, commissioned and personal.

If nothing else, the hope is that this site accurately represents its author: intentional, haphazard, intermittent, and occasionally inspiring.


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Work For (Select)

Ace Hotel
Columbia GSAPP
Jordan Brand
Nike Valiant Labs
Summit Arts
Studio Proba
System Architects
TED Fellows

Agencies & Studios (Select)

Enjoy the Weather ︎
Huge/KingCoyle ︎
Project Projects ︎
Victoria’s Secret PINK ︎
Y&R ︎
Hyperakt ︎


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Marquee Postscript

1) Robertson, Matthew. Factory Records: The Complete Graphic Album ︎ . Chronicle Books, 2006. ISBN: 0811856763. 2) “The axis of vulnerability” ︎ is a term borrowed from poet David Whyte. 3) “Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet / confinement of your aloneness / to learn / anything or anyone / that does not bring you alive / is too small for you.” David Whyte. “Sweet Darkness” ︎ 4) Wim Crouwel ︎ (November 1928 – September 2019) 5) Art Crimes ︎ 6) Ghostly International ︎.