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Tech Book

“It’s a win for Nike, and a good example of how a brand can create storytelling within a mobile platform.”


ABOUT         Inspired by its paper predecessors,
              Tech Book is the traditional fashion
              lookbook evolved. As Nike Sportswear’s
              first interactive and shoppable lookbook,
              it provides Nike fans worldwide access
              to the brand’s most current lifestyle
              collections, their innovative technology,
              and exclusive content featuring world-
              class athletes.

              The design of Tech Book — beginning with
              the logo, and reflected in the minimal
              UI and playful interactions — was
              intended to unite and bring life to the
              Nike Tech Pack and SneakerBoot
              collections. Animated crosshairs,
              justified typography and a restrained
              color palette exude a style that is
              bold, kinetic and modern.

              Retaining curiosity was a primary
              concern in our design process. The app
              fosters intrigue by providing users
              avenues for exploration. To do this,
              we engineered a fluid and unorthodox
              content model that encourages users to
              wander, then rewards them when they do.

              The full Tech Book experience spans
              iOS, Android, and retail. The system is
              designed to scale season to season,
              according to the fluctuation of the
              content. It was first deployed for
              Fall/Holiday 2015 to over 30 countries
              in 18 languages. The Spring 2016
              release is out now. 

WITH          Huge/KingCoyle

AWARDS        2016 Webby Award Winner
              Mobile Sites & Apps, Shopping

       FAHO15, SP16



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